Andrey Rublev’s Tennis Racquet: Get The Facts

Andrey Rublev is a Russian tennis player currently ranked in the top 10 of the ATP rankings. He has been making waves in the tennis world with his impressive performances and consistent improvement over the years. One aspect of his game that has been garnering attention is his tennis racquet, which has been a key factor in his success on the court.

Rublev has been using the Head Gravity Pro racquet for several years now, and it has become synonymous with his style of play. The racquet has been a reliable tool for Rublev, helping him to generate power and control on his shots.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Rublev’s racquet and explore its specifications, history, and impact on his game.

Andrey Rublev’s Tennis Racquet Specifications

Head Size

Andrey Rublev’s tennis racquet has a head size of 100 square inches. This is a relatively large head size which provides a larger sweet spot and more power. The larger head size also provides more forgiveness on off-center hits.

String Pattern

The string pattern on Rublev’s racquet is 18×20. This is a relatively dense string pattern which provides more control and spin. The denser string pattern also provides more durability as the strings are less likely to break.


Andrey Rublev’s tennis racquet has a strung weight of 11.7 ounces or 331 grams. This is a relatively heavy racquet which provides more stability and power. The heavier weight also provides more plow-through on groundstrokes and serves.

Balance Point

The balance point of Rublev’s racquet is 6 points head light. This means that the balance of the racquet is towards the handle which provides more maneuverability and control. The head light balance also allows Rublev to generate more racquet head speed on his groundstrokes and serves.

As you can see, Andrey Rublev’s tennis racquet specifications are well-suited to his aggressive baseline game. The larger head size and heavier weight provide more power and stability, while the denser string pattern and head light balance provide more control and maneuverability. These specifications allow Rublev to hit his groundstrokes with a lot of pace and spin, while also being able to defend well and hit accurate volleys.

Andrey Rublev's Tennis Racquet

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Andrey Rublev’s Tennis Racquet Technology

Graphene 360+ Technology

Andrey Rublev’s tennis racquet is equipped with Graphene 360+ technology. This technology is designed to enhance the racquet’s stability and transfer more energy to the ball upon impact. Graphene 360+ is a combination of Graphene 360, which is a material used in the racquet’s frame, and Spiralfibers, which are fibers wrapped around the frame. Together, they provide a more solid feel and improve the racquet’s energy transfer.

SpiralFibers Technology

Another technology in Rublev’s racquet is SpiralFibers. These fibers are wrapped around the racquet’s frame to increase its strength and stability. The fibers are strategically placed to add more control to the racquet and help the player hit more accurate shots. This technology also helps to reduce vibration upon impact, making the racquet more comfortable to use.

Power Foam Technology

Andrey Rublev’s tennis racquet also features Power Foam technology. This technology is designed to provide a softer feel upon impact, which can help players generate more power and spin. The foam is integrated into the racquet’s handle, which helps to absorb shock and reduce vibration. This technology can be especially beneficial for players who hit with a lot of topspin.

Another thing is that the Andrey Rublev’s tennis racquet is equipped with advanced technologies that can help him generate more power, spin, and accuracy on the court. The Graphene 360+ technology, SpiralFibers technology, and Power Foam technology work together to provide a high-performing racquet that can help Rublev compete at the highest level of professional tennis.

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Andrey Rublev’s Tennis Racquet Reviews

Professional Reviews

Andrey Rublev is one of the most promising next-generation players in the world of tennis, and his racquet is a key part of his success. Professional reviews of Rublev’s racquet have praised its balance and weight, which allow Rublev to hit the ball with great power and accuracy.

There is no doubt that, Rublev’s racquet, the Gravity Pro, has a low swing weight that allows him to take huge swings without his arm tearing off in the process. This is a key advantage for Rublev, who likes to hit the felt off the ball off both wings. It is said that Rublev’s racquet is set up perfectly for his preferences and his game style.

Rublev has settled on the Gravity Pro and has finished his year at the World Tour Finals for three years running, so he is unlikely to change his racquet any time soon. It is said that Rublev used to play with a Wilson Six One 95 with some lead tape at 12 bringing the weight up to 360 grams strung. He strung that racquet with Luxilon Adrenaline 1.30, but now with the Gravity he seems to have made the switch to HEAD Lynx Tour strings.

Overall, professional reviews of Andrey Rublev’s tennis racquet emphasize its balance, weight, and power, which allow Rublev to hit the ball with great accuracy and force.


Andrey Rublev’s tennis racquet has been a topic of discussion for many tennis enthusiasts. He has used different racquets throughout his career, but he seems to have found his sweet spot with the Head Gravity Pro. Rublev’s racquet is a heavy, low swingweight, and balanced racquet, which is similar to what Roger Federer uses.

Rublev’s racquet provides him with a great deal of power on his forehand shots, and he is consistent due to the softer layup, higher MGR/I, and high mass. Rublev’s grip style on his forehand is more open, which is similar to Federer’s style.

Despite some confidence issues with his equipment in the past, Rublev seems to have found a racquet that suits his game style and preferences. He has had some substantial wins in his career, and his racquet has played a crucial role in his success.

It is safe to say that, Rublev’s racquet setup is not some special pro-exclusive mold and layup of a discontinued frame from twenty years ago, but it is set up perfectly for his preferences and his game style. It will be interesting to see if he continues to use the Head Gravity Pro in the future or if he decides to make a change.

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