Andy Murray’s Tennis Racquet: A Guide to His Equipment

Andy Murray, the former world No. 1 tennis player, is known for his exceptional skills on the court. However, his tennis racquet is also a topic of interest among fans and experts alike. The type of racquet a player uses can greatly affect their performance, and Murray’s racquet is no exception.

At first glance, Murray’s racquet may seem like a typical pro stock racquet. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that his racquet has some unique features that set it apart from others. Despite being endorsed by Head Radical Pro, Murray actually uses a pro stock racquet that was designed over 20 years ago, the Head PT57A2.

History of Andy Murray’s Tennis Racquet

Early Years

Andy Murray has been playing tennis since he was a child, and his racquet of choice has evolved over the years. As a junior player, he used a variety of different racquets before settling on the Head Radical line of racquets. Murray became a brand ambassador for Head at a young age, and has been endorsing their products ever since.

One of the first Head Radical racquets that Murray used was the Head Radical MP, which he used in his early years on the professional circuit. However, as Murray’s game evolved and he became a more aggressive player, he started to experiment with different racquets to find one that suited his style of play.

Major Changes

In 2016, Murray made a major change to his racquet setup. He switched from the Head Radical Pro to the Head Graphene XT Radical Pro, which was a lighter and more maneuverable racquet. This change helped Murray to generate more power on his shots and gave him more control over the ball.

However, Murray’s racquet setup continued to evolve. In 2019, he made another major change and switched to the Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro. This racquet is similar to the Graphene XT Radical Pro, but has some key differences that make it better suited to Murray’s game. The Graphene 360 Radical Pro is more stable and provides better control on off-center hits, which is important for Murray’s defensive style of play.

Despite these changes, there is one thing that has remained constant throughout Murray’s career: his string of choice. Murray has been using Luxilon Alu Power Rough strings for many years, which give him a good balance of power and control on his shots.

Andy Murray's Tennis Racquet

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Technical Specifications

Head Size and Shape

Andy Murray’s tennis racquet has a head size of 98 square inches or 632 square centimeters. The head shape is oval, which is the most common shape for tennis racquets. The oval shape provides a larger sweet spot, which makes it easier for the player to hit the ball. The larger the sweet spot, the more forgiving the racquet is when the ball is hit off-center.

String Tension

The string tension of Andy Murray’s racquet is between 50-60 pounds or 22.7-27.2 kilograms. The string tension affects the amount of power, control, and spin the player can generate. A lower string tension provides more power and a higher string tension provides more control and spin.

Weight and Balance

Andy Murray’s racquet has a strung weight of 11.5 ounces or 326 grams. The balance point is 12.75 inches or 32 centimeters from the butt cap, which means the racquet is slightly head-light. The weight and balance of a racquet affect the player’s swing, maneuverability, and power. A heavier racquet can generate more power, but it can also be more difficult to maneuver. A head-light racquet can be easier to maneuver, but it may not generate as much power.

In addition to the above specifications, it’s worth noting that Andy Murray’s racquet is a customized version of the Head Pro Tour 630. The racquet is reportedly weighted and balanced to his preferences, with a swing weight in the 370s. This customized version may differ slightly from the retail version of the racquet.

Overall, Andy Murray’s racquet specifications are designed to provide a balance of power, control, and maneuverability. The specifications are tailored to his playing style and preferences, and may vary from player to player.

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Impact on Andy Murray’s Career

Playing Style

Andy Murray’s playing style has been heavily influenced by his choice of tennis racquet. He uses a Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro, which is known for its ability to provide excellent control and precision. This has allowed Murray to develop a counterpunching style, where he redirects the ball to force errors from his opponents. The racquet’s high swing weight has also helped him to improve his return of serve, as he is able to step in and bunt the ball back with ease.

Injuries and Recovery

In recent years, Murray has been plagued by injuries, particularly to his hip. However, his racquet has played a crucial role in his recovery. The Graphene 360 Radical Pro is designed to reduce shock and vibration, which has helped to alleviate some of the stress on Murray’s joints. Additionally, the racquet’s lightweight construction has made it easier for him to maneuver on the court and avoid aggravating his injuries.

Murray has also made some modifications to his racquet to help with his recovery. He has added lead tape to the handle to increase the weight and improve the balance of the racquet. This has helped him to generate more power and control, while also reducing the strain on his arm.

As you can see, Murray’s choice of tennis racquet has had a significant impact on his career. It has allowed him to develop a unique playing style and overcome injuries that could have derailed his career.

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