Dominic Thiem’s Tennis Racquet: Top Review

Dominic Thiem is a professional tennis player from Austria who has made a name for himself in the world of tennis. He has been known to use a specific tennis racquet that has caught the attention of many tennis enthusiasts.

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at Dominic Thiem’s tennis racquet, including its specifications and how it has helped him achieve success on the court.

Thiem’s tennis racquet is a customized version of the Babolat Pure Strike 18×20. While the retail version of the racquet is available, Thiem has made some modifications to his own racquet to suit his playing style. The modifications include lead tape, a pack of Head Lynx Tour 1.25mm in champagne, a set of Head Hawk 1.25mm in white, and added weight in the handle.

Thiem’s racquet specifications are quite impressive, with a weight of 338g, a balance of 32.5 cm, and a swingweight of approximately 340. These specifications make Thiem’s racquet a heavy swinging one, with a good amount of mass in the head and plenty of swingweight. It’s no surprise that Thiem has been able to achieve great success on the court with a racquet that is perfectly suited to his playing style.

Dominic Thiem’s Tennis Racquet: A Closer Look

The Basics of Thiem’s Racquet

Dominic Thiem is known for his powerful and accurate shots on the tennis court. One of the key factors behind his success is his tennis racquet. Thiem’s racquet of choice is the Pure Strike 18×20, which is readily available at most major tennis retailers. The racquet weighs 338g and has a balance point of 32.5 cm, making it a fairly heavy swinging racquet for its weight with a good amount of mass in the head and plenty of swingweight.

The Technology Behind Thiem’s Racquet

The Pure Strike racquet is designed with a hybrid frame construction that combines square and elliptical shapes to provide a perfect balance of power and control. The racquet also features a new technology called C² Pure Feel, which is a cutting-edge vibration dampening system that provides a pure feel on every shot. The racquet’s string pattern is 18×20, which provides excellent control and precision.

Thiem’s Racquet String Tension and Material

Thiem’s racquet is strung with a pack of Head Lynx Tour 1.25mm in champagne and a set of Head Hawk 1.25mm in white. The string tension is not publicly known, but it is likely to be in the range of 50-60 lbs. The combination of these strings provides excellent control and spin, allowing Thiem to hit powerful and accurate shots.

The Impact of Thiem’s Racquet on His Game

Thiem’s racquet has played a significant role in his success on the tennis court. The racquet’s hybrid frame construction, C² Pure Feel technology, and 18×20 string pattern provide the perfect balance of power and control, allowing Thiem to hit powerful and accurate shots.

The combination of Head Lynx Tour and Head Hawk strings has also helped Thiem to generate excellent spin and control on his shots. Overall, Thiem’s racquet is a key weapon in his arsenal and has helped him become one of the top players in the world.

Dominic Thiem's Tennis Racquet

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Thiem’s Racquet Customization

Dominic Thiem is known for his aggressive style of play and his powerful one-handed backhand. His racquet plays a crucial role in helping him achieve his style of play. Thiem uses the Babolat Pure Strike 18×20 racquet, which is available to the public. However, he customizes his racquet to suit his playing style and preferences.

Grip Size and Shape

Thiem uses a grip size 4 3/8, which is considered a medium size. The grip shape is rectangular, which allows him to have a better feel of the racquet and a more secure grip. The rectangular shape also provides more stability when hitting shots with topspin or slice.

Racquet Weight and Balance

Thiem’s racquet weighs around 340 grams (12 ounces), which is considered a heavy racquet. The weight provides Thiem with stability and power, which is essential for his aggressive style of play. Thiem’s racquet is also head-light, which means that the weight is distributed towards the handle of the racquet. This allows Thiem to have better control over his shots and maneuverability.

Racquet Length and Head Size

Thiem’s racquet has a standard length of 27 inches. The head size of his racquet is 98 square inches, which is considered a midsize head. The smaller head size allows for more control and precision when hitting shots. However, it also requires more technique and skill to hit powerful shots.

With that being said, Thiem’s customization of his racquet allows him to play with more power, stability, and control. His racquet is customized to suit his playing style and preferences. Thiem’s racquet customization is a crucial factor in his success on the court.

Comparing Thiem’s Racquet to Other Tennis Racquets

Similarities to Other Tennis Racquets

Dominic Thiem’s racquet, the Babolat Pure Strike, shares some similarities with other tennis racquets on the market. The Pure Strike has a 98 square inch head size, which is a common head size for tennis racquets. Apart from that, the 18×20 string pattern is a popular choice for players who prioritize control over power.

Thiem’s racquet also has a similar weight to other professional tennis racquets. At 338 grams, it falls within the typical range for racquets used by top players.

Differences from Other Tennis Racquets

One of the most notable differences between Thiem’s racquet and others is the customization he has done to it. He adds four strips of lead tape at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, and two more strips under the head guard at 12 o’clock. This adds weight to the frame and increases the swingweight, giving Thiem more power and stability.

Another difference is the balance point of the racquet. Thiem’s racquet has a balance point of 32.5 cm, which is slightly more head-heavy than other racquets. This allows Thiem to generate more racquet head speed and spin on his shots.

Finally, Thiem’s racquet has a unique feel due to the silicone he has added to the handle. This customization helps to absorb shock and provide a more comfortable grip for Thiem during long matches.

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Dominic Thiem has had an impressive career so far, and his racquet choices have played a significant role in his success. Throughout his career, Thiem has experimented with different brands and models of racquets, but he seems to have settled on the Babolat Pure Strike 18×20.

Thiem’s racquet setup for the 2023 season remains unchanged, indicating that he is confident in his equipment and comfortable with his playing style. Despite his wrist injury, Thiem has not made any significant changes to his racquet, which is a testament to his resilience and determination.

Thiem’s racquet specifications are as follows: a head size of 98 square inches, a string pattern of 18×20, a weight of 11.3 ounces, and a balance point of 7 points headlight. These specifications provide Thiem with the power and control he needs to compete at the highest level.

Thiem’s racquet setup may seem like a small detail, but it can make a significant difference in his performance on the court. With his current racquet, Thiem has demonstrated his ability to hit powerful and accurate shots, making him a formidable opponent for any player.

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