Feliciano Lopez’s Tennis Racquet: A Comprehensive Review

Feliciano Lopez is a Spanish professional tennis player who has been a part of the ATP World Tour since 1997. He is known for his aggressive serve-and-volley tennis style, which he has successfully maintained despite the rise of top-spin ball-bashing. Lopez is a long-time user of Wilson tennis racquets.

For those who are interested in Feliciano Lopez’s tennis gear, it is worth noting that he endorses the Wilson Ultra 100 tennis racquet. While his exact specifications are not readily available, the original specs for his racquet, the Wilson nCode Pro Open, are a good starting point for those who want to emulate his playing style.

It’s best to keep in mind that, Feliciano Lopez’s tennis racquet is an essential tool that has helped him achieve success on the court. Tennis enthusiasts who are looking for a powerful and reliable racquet may want to consider trying the Wilson Ultra 100, which is the racquet that Lopez endorses.

History of Feliciano Lopez’s Tennis Racquet

Early Years

Feliciano Lopez, born on September 20, 1981, in Toledo, Spain, began playing tennis at the age of six. As he grew older, he developed a passion for the sport and started to focus on improving his game. Lopez’s early years were marked by an intense dedication to the sport, and he spent countless hours practicing and perfecting his technique.

Professional Career

Lopez turned professional in 1997 and has since become a household name in the tennis world. He has won 7 ATP singles titles and 6 ATP doubles titles and reached the semifinals of Wimbledon in 2017. Lopez has also found his biggest success in doubles, including a grand slam champion after winning the French Open 2015 together with his little brother Marc Lopez. Throughout his professional career, Lopez has used a variety of tennis racquets. However, he is best known for his long-standing partnership with Wilson.

Lopez has been a Wilson user for many years and has worked closely with the company to develop a racquet that suits his playing style. Lopez’s current racquet is the Wilsonn Code Pro Open. This racquet is known for its precision and control, which are essential for Lopez’s aggressive serve-and-volley playing style. The racquet’s 16×19 string pattern also provides Lopez with the power he needs to hit big serves and groundstrokes.

In conclusion, Feliciano Lopez’s tennis racquet has played a crucial role in his success as a professional tennis player. Over the years, he has worked closely with Wilson to develop a racquet that suits his playing style, and the result is the Wilson nCode Pro Open. With this racquet in hand, Lopez has become a force to be reckoned with on the ATP World Tour.

Feliciano Lopez's tennis racquet

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Feliciano Lopez’s Current Tennis Racquet


Feliciano Lopez is currently using the nCode Pro Open tennis racquet. This racquet has a head size of 100 square inches and a length of 27 inches. The string pattern is 16×19, and the racquet weighs 300 grams (10.6 ounces) unstrung. The balance point is at 32.5 cm, which is considered a slightly head-heavy balance.


The Wilson nCode Pro Open tennis racquet features several technologies that enhance its performance. One of these is the Power Rib technology, which enhances stability and torsional control. This technology creates a more solid and stable racquet, which results in more power and control on every shot. Another technology used in the Wilson nCode Pro Open is the Crush Zone grommet system. This system allows the strings to move more freely, which increases the sweet spot size and enhances power and spin potential. The racquet also features Parallel Drilling technology, which provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response.

Feliciano Lopez’s Wilson nCode Pro Open tennis racquet is customized to his specific preferences. He uses Luxilon Alu Power 125 strings, which provide excellent control and durability. The tension of his strings is 56 pounds, which is on the higher end of the spectrum. In conclusion, Feliciano Lopez’s current tennis racquet is the Wilson nCode Pro Open, which is a high-performance racquet that features several technologies that enhance its power and control. The racquet is customized to his specific preferences, including the use of Luxilon Alu Power 125 strings and a tension of 56 pounds.

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How Feliciano Lopez’s Tennis Racquet Affects His Game


Feliciano Lopez’s tennis racquet, then Wilson Code Pro Open , is a versatile and powerful racquet that complements his aggressive serve-and-volley playing style. The racquet’s 100 sq.in./645.16 sq.cm head size and 23 mm/26 mm/23 mm beam width provide a large sweet spot that allows Lopez to hit clean and accurate shots with ease. The racquet’s composition, made of graphite, makes it lightweight and easy to maneuver, which is essential for Lopez’s quick and agile movements on the court.

Lopez’s racquet also has a high level of customization, allowing him to adjust the weight, balance, and string tension to his liking. This customization enables him to fine-tune his racquet to suit different court surfaces and playing conditions, giving him an advantage over his opponents.


One of the weaknesses of Lopez’s racquet is its lack of control. The racquet’s large sweet spot can make it difficult for Lopez to keep his shots within the lines, especially when he is playing under pressure. Additionally, the racquet’s lightweight composition can make it vulnerable to incoming shots, reducing its ability to absorb shock and causing Lopez to lose control of his shots.

Another weakness of Lopez’s racquet is its limited availability. Wilson nCode Pro Open is no longer in production, which makes it difficult for Lopez to replace his racquet if it gets damaged or broken. He may need to switch to a different racquet, which can affect his playing style and performance on the court.


Feliciano Lopez has been a consistent and talented player on the ATP Tour for many years. His aggressive serve-and-volley style of play has won him many fans, and his longevity in the game is a testament to his fitness and dedication.

Lopez has been a long-time user of the Wilson nCode Pro Open in its extended version with a paint-job of the Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail. This racket has helped him to generate power without using a lot of effort, and has amplified his natural talent.

While it is clear that the Wilson racket has played a role in Lopez’s success, it is also important to note that his skill and hard work have been the primary factors in his achievements. His ability to adapt to different playing conditions and opponents, and his mental toughness in pressure situations, have made him a formidable opponent on the court.

With that said, Lopez’s tennis career has been a remarkable one, and his use of the Wilson racket has been an important part of his success. As he continues to compete at the highest level of the sport, it will be interesting to see how he adapts to new challenges and continues to evolve his game.

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