Filip Krajinovic’s Tennis Racquet: A Look at His Gear

Filip Krajinovic is a Serbian professional tennis player who has made a name for himself in the sport. As with most professional tennis players, the equipment they use plays a vital role in their success. Filip Krajinovic’s tennis racquet, in particular, has been a topic of interest for many tennis enthusiasts. He uses the Wilson h22 pro stock racquet, which he has most likely customized to his needs.

The Wilson h22 pro stock racquet has some impressive specifications that make it a great choice for professional tennis players like Filip Krajinovic. With a head size of 98 sq. in and a length of 27 in, this racquet provides a good balance of power and control.

Apart from that, the 22mm beam width and 18×20 string pattern give it a nice feel and responsiveness. The weight of the racquet, when strung, is 12 oz / 340g, and its stiffness is 58. These specifications make it a great choice for players who want a racquet that can handle aggressive play and generate power when needed.

Filip Krajinovic’s Tennis Career

Early Years

Filip Krajinovic was born on February 27, 1992, in Sombor, Serbia. He started playing tennis at the age of five and was coached by his father, Srdjan Krajinovic. Filip Krajinovic showed a lot of promise as a junior player and won several titles, including the 2008 Australian Open Boys’ Doubles Championship with Hsieh Cheng-peng.

Professional Career

After turning professional in 2009, Filip Krajinovic struggled to make an impact on the ATP Tour. He played mostly on the Challenger circuit and struggled to qualify for ATP events. However, he started to make progress in 2017 when he reached his first ATP final in Moscow, where he lost to Damir Dzumhur.

In 2018, Filip Krajinovic achieved his career-high singles ranking of world No. 26. He had a breakthrough performance at the Paris Masters, where he defeated John Isner, Stefanos Tsitsipas, and Nicolas Mahut to reach his first Masters 1000 final. He lost to Karen Khachanov in the final but showed that he had the potential to compete at the highest level.

One of the factors that contributed to Filip Krajinovic’s success in 2018 was his use of the Wilson H22 pro stock racquet. This racquet provided him with the right balance of power and control, and he was able to hit more winners and fewer unforced errors. The Wilson H22 pro stock racquet is known for its precision and feel, and it has been used by several top players on the ATP Tour.

Filip Krajinovic's Tennis Racquet

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Tennis Racquets

Tennis racquets are an essential piece of equipment for any tennis player. A good tennis racquet can make a significant difference in a player’s performance on the court. There are many factors to consider when choosing a tennis racquet, including weight, balance, head size, string pattern, and stiffness.

Importance of Tennis Racquets

The right tennis racquet can help a player generate more power, control, and spin on their shots. It can also help reduce the risk of injury and fatigue during long matches. Tennis racquets come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, and it is essential to choose one that suits a player’s style of play and body type.

Players who prefer to hit with more power may opt for a heavier racquet with a larger head size, while players who prefer more control may choose a lighter racquet with a smaller head size. The string pattern and stiffness of the racquet can also affect a player’s performance, with tighter string patterns providing more control and looser patterns providing more power.

Filip Krajinovic’s Tennis Racquet

Filip Krajinovic, the Serbian professional tennis player, uses a Wilson h22 pro stock racquet. The racquet has a head size of 98 square inches, a length of 27 inches, and a beam width of 22mm. The string pattern is 18×20, and the weight of the racquet when strung is 12 oz or 340g. The stiffness of the racquet is 58.

Krajinovic has most likely customized his h22 racquet to suit his needs, so his actual specs may vary slightly from those listed above. However, the Wilson h22 pro stock racquet is known for its power and control, making it a popular choice among professional tennis players.

It’s safe to say that, choosing the right tennis racquet is crucial for any player looking to improve their game. With so many options available, it is essential to consider a player’s style of play, body type, and personal preferences when selecting a racquet.

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Filip Krajinovic’s Tennis Racquet Specifications

Brand and Model

Filip Krajinovic plays with a pro stock racquet called Wilson H22 that is under a paint job of the Wilson Blade 98. The Wilson H22 is a racket that is not commercially available, and it is only made for professional players. Krajinovic’s racquet has a unique design, and it is different from the Wilson Blade 98 models available in the market.

Weight and Balance

Krajinovic’s racket has a weight of around 330 grams (unstrung), which is heavier than the average weight of a tennis racket. The balance point of the racket is around 31.5 cm, which is considered to be a head-light balance. The head-light balance of the racket allows Krajinovic to generate more racket head speed and spin on his shots.

String Tension

Krajinovic strings his racket with Luxilon Alu Power Fluoro, which is a polyester-based string. The string tension that he uses is around 25-26 kg, which is relatively high compared to the average tension used by professional players. The high string tension allows Krajinovic to generate more control and spin on his shots, but it also requires him to have good technique and physical conditioning to avoid arm injuries.

Filip Krajinovic’s Tennis Racquet Customization

Grip Size

Filip Krajinovic’s Wilson h22 pro stock racquet has a grip size of 4 3/8 inches. This is a common grip size among professional tennis players, and it provides a comfortable grip for Krajinovic as he plays. The grip size is important because it affects how the player holds the racquet and can impact their overall performance.


Krajinovic uses a Wilson Pro Overgrip on his racquet. Overgrips are used to provide extra cushioning and absorb sweat during play. Krajinovic’s overgrip is white, which is a popular choice among tennis players. The overgrip is easy to apply and replace, allowing Krajinovic to customize his racquet quickly and easily.


Krajinovic uses a Wilson Pro Feel dampener on his racquet. Dampeners are small devices that are inserted into the strings of the racquet to reduce the amount of vibration that is felt when hitting the ball. The Wilson Pro Feel dampener is designed to provide a comfortable feel while also reducing vibration. Krajinovic’s use of a dampener shows that he pays attention to even the smallest details when it comes to his equipment.

With that being said, Filip Krajinovic’s Wilson h22 pro stock racquet is customized to meet his specific needs and preferences. By using a grip size, overgrip, and dampener that he is comfortable with, Krajinovic is able to perform at his highest level on the court.


Filip Krajinovic has proven himself to be a talented player on the ATP Tour, and his racquet choice is an important part of his success. He uses the Wilson H22 pro stock racquet, a popular choice among many professional tennis players. The racquet provides him with the control and power he needs to compete at the highest level.

While some players may prefer more well-known racquet brands, Krajinovic’s choice of the Wilson H22 pro stock racquet shows that sometimes the lesser-known options can be just as effective. It is clear that Krajinovic has found a racquet that works for him and his playing style, and he has achieved great success with it.

For aspiring tennis players, it is important to remember that finding the right racquet is a personal choice. While it can be helpful to take inspiration from the choices of professional players like Krajinovic, ultimately, the best racquet for each individual player will depend on their own unique needs and preferences.

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