Jenson Brooksby’s Tennis Racquet: A Closer Look

Jenson Brooksby is a rising star in the world of tennis. The 22-year-old American has been making waves on the ATP Tour with his impressive performances, and many fans are curious about the equipment he uses. In particular, there has been a lot of interest in the Wilson H22 racquet that Brooksby plays with.

It’s worth noting that the Wilson H22 is a pro stock racquet, which means that it is not available for purchase by the general public. However, Brooksby’s racquet is painted to look like the popular Wilson Blade 98 model, which is widely available. In this article, we will take a closer look at Jenson Brooksby’s tennis racquet, including its specs and the strings he uses.


Jenson Brooksby is an American professional tennis player who has been making waves in the tennis world with his impressive performances on the court. One of the key factors behind his success is his choice of tennis racquet, the Wilson H22. In this section, we will take a closer look at Jenson Brooksby’s tennis career and playing style to understand why the Wilson H22 is the perfect racquet for him.

Jenson Brooksby’s Tennis Career

Jenson Brooksby turned pro in 2021 and has quickly made a name for himself in the tennis world. He has already reached the top 40 of the ATP tour and is currently ranked world No. 35 in singles by the ATP. Brooksby has had a successful junior career, winning the USTA Boys 18s National Championship in 2018 and reaching the quarterfinals of the US Open Junior Championships in the same year.

Brooksby’s breakthrough year came in 2021 when he reached the third round of the US Open, defeating Taylor Fritz and Aslan Karatsev along the way. He followed that up with a semifinal appearance at the ATP Challenger Tour event in Columbus, Ohio. In 2022, Brooksby continued his impressive form, reaching the fourth round of the Australian Open and the quarterfinals of the Indian Wells Masters.

Jenson Brooksby’s Playing Style

Jenson Brooksby is known for his all-court game and his ability to adapt to different playing conditions. He is a versatile player who can play both defensive and offensive tennis. Brooksby’s game is built around his exceptional footwork, which allows him to move around the court with ease and hit shots from different positions.

Brooksby’s playing style is characterized by his use of spin and his ability to hit winners from both wings. He has a strong forehand and backhand and is not afraid to come to the net to finish off points. Brooksby’s playing style is well-suited to the modern game, which is played on a variety of surfaces and requires players to be adaptable and versatile.

Jenson Brooksby's Tennis Racquet

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Jenson Brooksby’s Tennis Racquet

Features of Jenson Brooksby’s Tennis Racquet

Jenson Brooksby currently uses a pro stock racquet called Wilson H22, which is painted to look like the Wilson Blade 98. The Wilson H22 racquet has a head size of 98 square inches and weighs 305 grams (10.8 ounces) unstrung. The racquet has a 16×19 string pattern, a balance of 32.5 cm (6 pts HL), and a length of 27 inches.

The Wilson H22 racquet is made of graphite and has a stiffness rating of 68 RA. The racquet’s stiffness rating measures its resistance to bending, with higher numbers indicating less bending and more power. The Wilson H22 racquet is designed to offer a balance of power, control, and spin.

Advantages of Using Jenson Brooksby’s Tennis Racquet

Using Jenson Brooksby’s tennis racquet can provide several advantages to a player. The racquet’s 16×19 string pattern helps generate more spin, allowing players to hit with more topspin and slice. The racquet’s balance of power, control, and spin can help players hit more accurate shots with greater consistency.

The Wilson H22 racquet’s stiffness rating of 68 RA can also provide benefits to players. A stiffer racquet can generate more power and provide more control on shots. However, a stiffer racquet can also lead to more shock and vibration, which can cause discomfort or injury to a player’s arm. It is important for players to find a racquet that matches their playing style and physical needs.

the ball and a big amount of spin put on each shot. Control is top-notch as well, making it a great choice for players who like to play with precision and accuracy.

While Brooksby’s pro stock racquet is not available for fans to buy, the Wilson Blade 98, which he endorses, is widely available and one of the most popular racquets at the recreational level. It is a versatile racquet that can be used by players of all levels and styles.

Overall, Jenson Brooksby’s Wilson H22 racquet setup is a great choice for players who want a racquet that offers precision, control, and spin. With the Solinco Outlast 1.30 and Luxilon ALU Power strings, this setup is well-suited to players who like to play with a mix of power and finesse.

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