Marcos Giron’s Tennis Racquet: A Comprehensive Review

Marcos Giron is a professional tennis player known for his impressive performance on the court. One of the factors that contribute to his success is his choice of tennis racquet. Giron uses the Yonex VCORE 95 Racquet, which is a popular choice among tennis players.

While Giron has heavily customized his racquet to suit his playing style, the original specs of the Yonex VCORE 95 Racquet are still worth noting. The racquet has a head size of 95 square inches and a length of 27 inches. When strung, it weighs 11.5 ounces or 326 grams. These specs make the Yonex VCORE 95 Racquet a lightweight and maneuverable option for tennis players.

Marcos Giron’s Tennis Racquet Specs

Head Size

Marcos Giron’s tennis racquet of choice is the Yonex VCORE 95. This racquet has a head size of 95 square inches, or 613 square centimeters. The head size is on the smaller side, which allows for more control and precision in shots.

String Pattern

The string pattern of Giron’s racquet is 16×20. This means that there are 16 main strings and 20 cross strings. The tighter string pattern provides more control, but sacrifices some power.


Giron’s racquet has a strung weight of 12 ounces or 340 grams. This weight is on the heavier side, which provides more stability and power in shots.

Balance Point

The balance point of Giron’s racquet is 8 HL points or 31.8 centimeters. The balance point is the point where the racquet is balanced, and a higher balance point means that the racquet is more head-heavy. A head-heavy racquet provides more power, while a more evenly balanced racquet provides more maneuverability.

It’s safe to say that, Giron’s Yonex VCORE 95 racquet is a great choice for players who value control and precision in their shots. The smaller head size and tighter string pattern provide more control, while the heavier weight and head-heavy balance point provide more power and stability.

Marcos Giron's Tennis Racquet

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Technology Used in Marcos Giron’s Tennis Racquet

Graphene 360+

One of the key technologies used in Marcos Giron’s Yonex VCORE 95 racquet is Graphene 360+. This technology involves the use of Graphene, a strong and lightweight material, in the racquet’s construction. Graphene is used in the throat and head of the racquet to provide enhanced stability and power. The 360+ refers to the use of Graphene in a 360-degree orientation around the frame, which helps to distribute weight evenly and improve the overall performance of the racquet.


Another technology used in the Yonex VCORE 95 racquet is SpiralFibers. These fibers are placed at strategic points in the racquet’s frame to enhance feel and control. The SpiralFibers are designed to compress upon impact with the ball, which helps to absorb shock and reduce vibrations. This results in a more comfortable and controlled feel for the player.

Power Foam

The Yonex VCORE 95 racquet also features Power Foam, a material used in the racquet’s handle. Power Foam is a lightweight foam that helps to absorb shock and improve comfort. It also provides a more stable and solid feel when hitting the ball, which can help to improve accuracy and control.

Overall, the combination of Graphene 360+, SpiralFibers, and Power Foam make the Yonex VCORE 95 racquet a powerful and precise tool for players like Marcos Giron. These technologies work together to provide enhanced stability, power, control, and comfort, making it an ideal choice for players who demand the best from their equipment.

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Performance of Marcos Giron’s Tennis Racquet


Marcos Giron’s Yonex VCORE 95 Racquet offers excellent control, allowing him to place his shots with precision. The racquet’s 16×20 string pattern provides a good blend of control and spin, while the 95 square inch head size gives him a solid hitting surface. Giron’s ability to control the ball with his racquet has helped him win crucial points in many of his matches.


The Yonex VCORE 95 Racquet provides Giron with a good amount of power, allowing him to hit winners and dictate play. The racquet’s weight and balance allow him to generate good racket head speed, resulting in powerful shots. However, Giron’s power is not solely dependent on his racquet, as his excellent footwork and technique also play a key role in his ability to hit powerful shots.


Giron’s Yonex VCORE 95 Racquet provides him with good spin potential, thanks to its open string pattern and the racquet’s ability to generate good racket head speed. The racquet’s spin potential has helped Giron hit effective topspin shots and slice shots, allowing him to keep his opponents off balance and on the defensive.


The Yonex VCORE 95 Racquet offers excellent comfort, thanks to its shock-absorbing technology and the racquet’s ability to dampen vibrations. This has helped Giron avoid injuries and play more comfortably, allowing him to focus on his game and perform at his best.


It is clear that Marcos Giron’s racquet of choice is the Yonex VCORE 95. This racquet is designed for players who require control and accuracy above all else, which suits Giron’s counterpunching style of play.

The Yonex VCORE 95 is known for its headlight balance, small head size, high string tension, and 16×20 string pattern, which all contribute to its exceptional control and precision. Giron’s customized version of the racquet is likely to have additional modifications to further enhance his playing style and preferences.

As you can see, the Yonex VCORE 95 is a popular choice among professional tennis players, and Giron’s success on the court with this racquet is a testament to its quality and effectiveness. It is clear that Giron has found a racquet that suits his game well and allows him to compete at the highest level.

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