Victoria Azarenka’s Tennis Racquet: Top Review

Victoria Azarenka is a Belarusian professional tennis player who is known for her powerful and aggressive playing style. She has won numerous Grand Slam titles and has been ranked as high as No. 1 in the world. In addition to her impressive skills on the court, Azarenka is also known for her choice of tennis racquet.

Azarenka’s racquet of choice is the Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail, which is known for its combination of power and control. The racquet features Wilson’s patented Countervail technology, which helps to reduce vibrations and provide a more comfortable playing experience. The Ultra 100 Countervail is also designed to be incredibly maneuverable, allowing players to generate plenty of racket head speed and hit with a lot of spin.

Victoria Azarenka’s Tennis Racquet Specifications

Head Size

The head size of Victoria Azarenka’s tennis racquet is 100 square inches. This is a relatively large head size, which provides a larger sweet spot and more power compared to smaller head sizes.

String Pattern

The string pattern of Azarenka’s racquet is 16 mains and 19 crosses. The string pattern refers to the number of main strings and cross strings on the racquet. This particular string pattern is designed to provide a good balance of power and control.


The weight of Azarenka’s racquet is 11.1 ounces when strung and 10.6 ounces when unstrung. The weight of a tennis racquet can affect the amount of power and control a player can generate. A heavier racquet can provide more power, while a lighter racquet can provide more control.


Azarenka’s racquet has a balance of 7 points head light. The balance of a tennis racquet refers to the distribution of weight throughout the racquet. A head light balance means that more weight is distributed towards the handle of the racquet, which can provide better maneuverability and control.

Victoria Azarenka's Tennis Racquet

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Victoria Azarenka’s Tennis Racquet Performance


Victoria Azarenka’s Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail racquet is known for its power. The racquet’s head size of 100 and weight of 11.1 oz (315 gm) when strung, make it a great choice for players who want to hit powerful shots. The racquet’s high-performance carbon fiber and Countervail composition also contribute to its power by reducing vibration and increasing energy transfer.


While the Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail racquet is powerful, it also offers good control. The racquet’s medium power level and 7 Pts Head Light balance make it easy to control shots and place them accurately. The racquet’s 23/26.5/22.5mm beam width also contributes to its control by providing a solid and stable feel.


The Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail racquet is also a good choice for players who want to hit spin shots. The racquet’s 100 head size and 11.1 oz (315 gm) weight when strung make it easy to generate spin. The racquet’s 50-60 Pounds tension also contributes to its spin potential by allowing players to string the racquet at a tension that suits their playing style.


The Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail racquet is also known for its maneuverability. The racquet’s weight of 10.6 oz (303 gm) when unstrung and 27 in/69 cm length make it easy to move around the court and react quickly to shots. The racquet’s Flex of 72 also contributes to its maneuverability by providing a comfortable and responsive feel.

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Victoria Azarenka is a highly successful tennis player who has won many Grand Slam titles. She currently uses the Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail racket, which is a powerful and maneuverable racket that allows her to play an aggressive game while also minimizing the risk of errors.

Azarenka’s style of play is characterized by her strong, double-handed backhand and her ability to return powerfully after hitting the ball early. She is known for her aggressive approach to the game, but she also tends to opt for a low-risk game, moving opponents around instead of attempting early winners.

The Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail racket is a popular choice among tennis players, and it is easy to see why. Its combination of power and maneuverability make it ideal for players like Azarenka who want to play an aggressive game without sacrificing control. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, the Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail racket is definitely worth considering.

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