What Racquet Does Diego Schwartzman Use? The Facts

Diego Schwartzman is a professional tennis player from Argentina who has been making waves in the tennis world with his impressive skills on the court. One of the most important pieces of equipment for any tennis player is their racquet, and many fans and aspiring players are curious about what racquet Schwartzman uses to achieve his success.

It has been revealed that Schwartzman currently uses the Head Radical MP racquet. This is a popular choice among professional players and is known for its lightweight design and versatility on the court. Schwartzman’s specific racquet has a paint job of the Head Graphene XT Radical Pro, which is the racquet he endorses, but he actually uses the Head Radical MP with strings from Luxilon Alu Power 1.25.

Diego Schwartzman’s Racquet

Brand and Model

Diego Schwartzman currently uses the Head Radical racquet, with a paint job of the racquet he endorses, the Head Graphene XT Radical Pro. He has been using this brand and model for quite some time now, and it has proven to be a reliable choice for him on the court.


Schwartzman’s racquet has a weight of 12.5 oz (355 gr) and a swing weight of 355, which is quite heavy even for professional players. However, this weight allows Schwartzman to take the ball on the rise and hit it with pace and depth, which is a key element of his playing style. The head size is 98 sq.in./632 sq.cm, and the length is 27 in/68.58 cm. Here are the specifications for Schwartzman’s racquet setup:

Racquet Head Radical
Paint Job Head Graphene XT Radical Pro
Strings Luxilon Alu Power 1.25
Weight 12.5 oz (355 gr)
Swing Weight 355
Head Size 98 sq.in./632 sq.cm
Length 27 in/68.58 cm

Overall, Schwartzman’s racquet setup allows him to play with power and control, and it is a testament to the importance of finding the right equipment for one’s playing style.

What Racquet Does Diego Schwartzman Use

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Diego Schwartzman’s Playing Style


Diego Schwartzman is known for his excellent groundstrokes. He hits the ball with great consistency and accuracy, and he is not afraid to go for his shots. Schwartzman’s forehand is his stronger side, and he uses it to dictate play and create opportunities to finish points. His backhand is also a solid shot, and he can generate good pace and spin with it. Schwartzman’s groundstrokes are not the most powerful on the tour, but they are very effective.


Schwartzman’s serve is not his biggest weapon, but he makes up for it with his accuracy and placement. He has a compact and efficient service motion, and he can hit his spots consistently. Schwartzman’s first serve is not the fastest, but it has good spin and placement, which makes it difficult for his opponents to attack. His second serve is also reliable, and he can mix it up with different spins and placements.


Schwartzman is not a natural volleyer, but he has improved his net game over the years. He has good hands and reflexes, which allow him to make some impressive volleys. Schwartzman is not afraid to come to the net and finish points, but he prefers to stay back and rally from the baseline.

One thing for sure is that, Schwartzman’s volleys are solid, but they are not a major part of his game. In summary, Diego Schwartzman’s playing style is based on consistency, accuracy, and solid shot-making.

He is not the most powerful player on the tour, but he makes up for it with his tactical skills and mental toughness. Schwartzman’s groundstrokes are his biggest weapon, and he uses them to control play and wear down his opponents. His serve and volleys are not as strong, but they are reliable and effective.

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Diego Schwartzman’s racquet setup for the 2023 season has been analyzed, and it is clear that he uses the Head Head Radical MP racquet with a paint-job of the racquet he endorses. This racquet has a length of 27 inches and a head size of 98 sq.in./632 sq.cm, providing a great balance when playing. It is strung with Luxilon Alu Power 1.25 strings, which are known for their durability and control.

Schwartzman’s racquet has a high static weight and swingweight with a headlight balance, which is typical for what the pro player standard was a few years ago before the influx of the “next-gen” players. However, even for pros, his racquet’s weight and swingweight are considered huge. Despite this, Schwartzman is famous for taking the ball on the rise to hit it with pace and depth, and he can swing a racquet as heavy as that for hours.

There’s no doubt that, the Head Head Radical MP racquet is a popular choice among recreational players as well, offering great control without sacrificing power and spin. It is also relatively cheap compared to other Head models, making it an accessible option for players of all levels who want to improve their game.

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